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How Our Robotic Mowers Work



Once we’ve installed the system, you can watch the robot make daily passes across your lawn. The combination of our wire system and the built in GPS tells the mower where to go. If the mower is low on battery, it will go back to the charging station to recharge. Once it's fully charged it'll go back to mowing.

Our robotic mowers are designed to mow continuously in a freeform pattern. It may seem unusual that the mower doesn't stick with straight lines, but this is actually the secret to a better cut as it places less stress on the grass while ensuring that every square inch is covered. 

Since the mower is compact, it can cut grass in hard to reach areas, such as under shrubs or in tight corners a conventional lawnmower cannot reach.

By continuously trimming only millimeters of grass, the robotic mowers stimulate healthy grass growth without the use of chemicals, the fine clippings actually serve as a natural fertilizer. The system is also very quiet you won't even know it's operating!

The robotic mower is lightweight, quiet, and safe to use around children and pets. When lifted, the blades immediately stop. All mowers have sensors, which tell the mower to change directions when it bumps into an object.

Our robotic mowers may be small, but they are built tough enough to handle lawns up to 1 ¼ acres and can even handle slopes and small debris, such as pinecones or fallen branches. 

Our robotic mowers even operate in the rain and at night, unlike a traditional lawn care service.

Interested in earth-friendly mowing? Get a quote for lawn care services today!


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